Shri Jagannath Rohini Sewa Sangha (Regd.)

                                       A Journey………………….

                                                                                          from Srikhetra to Rohini Khetra

Nestling on the eastern coast along the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal the unique State of Orissa offers to her guests the important pilgrimage center for the Hindus – Puri. In the minds of the millions of Indians, Orissa is the land of Lord Jagannath. This temple of Lord Jagannath (‘Lord of the Universe’) at Puri is one of the most sacred pilgrimage spots in India, one of the four abodes (Dhamas) of the divine that lie on the four directions of the compass.

Years have been taken to promote the great culture of, the beloved Lord Jagannath all over the map of the world by uncounted number of devotees. Temples have been made at USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Kuwait and many other places. The Indian capital also is not behind and having almost seven temples where Lord Jagannath is being worshiped.

ROHINI, the name itself got a unique coincidental link with Jagannath culture and is known as the mother’s name of Lord Balabhadra (elder brother of Lord Jagannath). Incidentally there also such a temple did come out by the wishes of Lord himself.

One devotee finds a magical dream one day, with an order of the Lord, who wants to be placed in a temple there. The devotee starts searching temples where he can place the deities of Lord Jagannath and incidentally finds the photograph of the Lord being worshiped in an old temple at Sector-15, Rohini, Delhi. There starts the Journey. The deities get placed there by all the devotees in the locality and temple starts growing with gatherings of thousands of devotees. But some painful day comes in January 2006, when the Government authorities crush the emotions of the people under the arms of Bulldozers and the temple gets grounded into rocks.

The shocked devotees don’t find any other option than placing there loved Lord, in some new temple and again the worshiping starts at a cool atmosphere in Rohini, Delhi. The Rath Yatra, the other festivals started once again in its natural way. But journey didn’t end with this much. The devotees felt the need; and a society named Shri Jagannath Rohini Sewa Sangha came up with very open ideology to promote the Jagannath Culture in Delhi and all around the world.

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